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Bespoke Relay Setting Stand

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Bespoke Relay Setting Stand

QM Systems was approached by Siemens Mobile, a division of Siemens AG and tasked to provide a bespoke Relay Setting Stand, or RSS, to replace their current systems. This was due to difficulty obtaining obsolete components to ensure future maintenance and support of their RSS units. They were looking for a more modern and compact unit which would also incorporate the various external plug-in test modules that are used during setting and testing into one unit.

The RSS function is to provide the ability to setup, test and commission over 300 variants of Q-Style BR 930 series relays. Q-style relays are used in the rail infrastructure for signalling applications such as level crossing and signals. We were faced with some difficult challenges to meet the required specifications, including packaging the components within a suitable small unit, requiring a compact electronic and electrical system. The unit also had to be ergonomic, as it requires an operator to use it for up to 8 hours a day. We overcame this by working closely with our customer throughout the design to find a suitable solution.

The modernised RSS solution provides a number of benefits over their existing unit: a removable Fluke DVMs (Digital Voltage Meter) for easy calibration and repairs, an 8-inch touchscreen interface to interact with our in-house custom-designed control system, a Datasound Laboratories industrial PC and a Zebra Technologies barcode reader to allow the operator to scan each relay variant before test. This means the data from the barcode is interpreted by our control system to set the RSS to the required parameters. This eliminates human error, reduces setup time and ensures every relay is processed to its correct specifications.

QM Systems has built 15 units since 2012 and continues to work closely, supporting our customer with upgrades and additions to the RSS. A recent example of this was building 2 RSS units to have the additional capability of testing a different type of relay known as a VT1.

Bespoke Relay Setting Stand
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