QM Test Systems



QM Systems are able to offer a wide range of bespoke inspection and test solutions across all industry sectors. We have been supplying test solutions for over 30 years and we have developed market leading solutions to some very complex challenges.

We are an independent provider and specifically not aligned to any of the large test equipment providers like Agilent, National Instruments, Pickering etc. This enables us to deliver a solution that is designed specifically to meet your requirement, not to sell you equipment manufacturers equipment.

Our solutions include: Test Equipment Design & Manufacture, Leak testing ADLT, Flow, Fixed Orifice, High Pressure Testing Vision Inspection (2D and 3D), Measurement, Pattern Match, Foreign Body Detection, Surface Inspection, Laser Scanning (2D & 3D) Ultrasonic Leak Testing, Power Management Systems Test, Battery Testing, Charging & Discharging, Accelerated Stress Testing, Environmental Testing, Simulation & modelling, Sensor Testing, Bespoke, offline and Prototype Test Systems and Integrated Production Line Test Systems.

Whatever your requirement it is almost certain that QM Test Systems have successfully delivered a similar solution previously.


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