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Welcome Andy to QM Systems

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starter_Andy QM system

QM Systems would like to welcome Senior Mechanical Engineer Andy Waston to our family. Andy began his professional life as an apprentice designing furnaces and handling equipment for foundries in the aluminium industry. Andy progressed to work for a new business which specialised in renewable energy. Consequently, they employed a process known as gasification which converted waste material into electricity. Challenging himself further, Andy moved on to a company designing airport handling systems specialising in import and export.

In his spare time, Andy worked for “Two Country Radio”. This involved hosting shows, managing social media and often he would have the opportunity to interview well-known artists such as Lady A. Andy and his wife are big fans of renovating properties and seeing the end result. When Andy does finally put his feet up, he enjoys the thrills of watching F1 and GP racing.

We are delighted to have you among us. On behalf of everyone at QM, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes. Welcome aboard.

starter_Andy QM system
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