QM System

Oil and Gas

QM systems frequently work with clients spanning the globe to supply them with the highest quality and cost effective, bespoke automated solutions available.
With over 35 years experience as specialists in automation our dedicated team have amassed a wealth of experience working across a multitude of sectors, including the Oil and Gas industry.
We have liaised with highly esteemed members of the Oil & Gas industry to aide them with the design and development of equipment such as Hardware In-The-Loop Simulation, circuit board configuration, Communication testing devices, bespoke electronic test equipment, in-field test systems, and many more.

MLINK Test Box

QM Systems works in continuous partnership with Schlumberger to design, manufacture and commission a series of portable surface test equipment devices, used to communicate wirelessly with drilling test heads. These communications protocols include performing routine maintenance tasks, diagnostic procedures and manufacturing tests. All systems are designed and built to a high level of durability ensuring this bespoke robust solution can be fully operational in the harshest environments as it is typically used in offshore locations.


Our design capabilities have also ensured that our product can operate from two sources of power, either being line-powered or battery powered with 24 hours use on a single charge, for applications where in line power is not available.

The success of our design for the MLINK box as well as our repeatable build quality has resulted in an ongoing partnership to supply Schlumberger with multiple units per annum. Ensuring a continuous stream of supply to companies in the Oil & Gas industry around the world in need of drilling head test equipment.

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