QM Systems Q-MAC 3

QM Systems Q-MAC 3 Automatic production line with independent station indexing

Integrating automation into your production process, making assembly efficient, safe and ergonomically friendly

The QM Systems Multi-motion Assembly Carousel 3 allows the safe and efficient production of assemblies of up to 400kg. We can customise fixtures, tooling, line speeds and integrate MES software to give you perfect production capabilities. We currently have Q-MAC 3 solutions in place in the Automotive and Marine markets, producing seating, engines and gearboxes, using up to 30 stations reaching a length in excess of 30m.

We can tailor the system to have as many or as few stations as suitable and as the system is modular, it leaves future expansion opportunities, to support an ever changing production environment.

The Q-MAC 3 uses a Siemens control and a servo-drive with pneumatic station drive engagement, giving independent station indexing to allow for dwell or buffer stations, enabling line balancing.

Q-MAC 3 Features

  • Automatic station engagement (task start)
  • Automatic station disengagement (task complete)
  • Modular production line (add/remove stations as needed)
  • Controlled production processes (no-fault-forward)
  • Integration into existing MES systems
  • QM Systems CAA (Computer-aided-assembly) integration
  • Overhead pylon for lighting, tooling, etc
  • Central pylon for power, screens, etc
  • RFID integration

Station Indexing

What sets the Q-MAC 3 apart from the rest of the Q-MAC range is the ability to index stations independently, with the Q-MAC 2, all stations move at the same time.

This gives you the ability to move your product between each individual station whenever you choose, meaning you are no longer limited by the slowest process on your line.

Using this, you can implement line balancing and buffer stations, whilst keeping full control of the production process.

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