QM Systems Flexible Assembly Aids, Q-MAC 1, 2 and 3

Flexible assembly stations to suit your production requirements

The QM Systems Multi-Motion Assembly Carousel (Q-MAC) assembly aid range

As a bespoke automation provider, most of our projects are 1-off designs, the Q-MAC range breaks away from that, being supplied to customers as a flexible product range.

The Q-MAC range allow the safe and efficient production of assemblies of up to 400kg. We can customise fixtures, tooling, line speeds and integrate MES software to give you perfect production capabilities. We currently have Q-MACs in the Automotive and Marine markets, producing seating, engines and gearboxes, using up to 30 stations at 27m in length.

Q-MAC 1 – Features a manual track, each assembly station is moved along by the operator, by pushing it across to the next interlocking station.

Q-MAC 2 – Siemens servo-driven , each assembly station is moved along by the operator pressing a manual or HMI button. The stations are in a fixed pitch.

Q-MAC 3 – Siemens servo-drive, but features pneumatic drive engagement, giving independent station indexing, allowing dwell or buffer stations to enable line balancing.

Q-MAC Flexibility and Integration

  • Flexible working heights
  • Flexible working orientations
  • Horizontal or vertical fixtures
  • Rotating fixtures
  • Multi-line formats available (E.G. 2×5 stations)
  • Integration into current production lines
  • Integration of handling, palletising, conveying systems
  • Integration of additional assembly, test or tooling stations
  • Integration of current MES, no-fault-forward and SCADA systems
  • The creation of QM Systems custom MES system, CAA.
  • Integration of poka-yoke systems such as vision and spacial tooling


  • Flexible working height
  • Fixtures/tooling tailored to your needs
  • Modular construction enables ease of expansion
  • Flexible control options
  • Automatic interlocking stations
  • Extremely Low running and maintenance costs
  • Flexible station quantities
  • Up to 400kg load capacity
  • Flexible integration into a range of Manufacturing systems
  • Flexible integration into assembly stations/equipment/tooling
  • Can be supplied with or without QM systems proprietary MES
  • Low friction rail for easy ergonomic operation
  • Rail available in treated steel, stainless steel & nickel plated
  • Virtually silent operation
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Q-MAC 2 & 3

  • Multi Axis rotational capability for product orientation
  • Variable speed drive (VSD)
  • Variable station quantities & pitch distances
  • Siemens Control and drive system
  • Can be manually operated in case of utility failure
  • No fault forward capability
  • Optional dwell and buffer stations
  • Flexible working heights
  • Automatic interlocking stations
  • Up to 400Kg load capacity
  • Flexible integration into a range of Manufacturing systems
  • Can be supplied with or without QM systems proprietary MES

Q-MAC 3, gives all of the above functionality but includes:

  • Independent station indexing
  • Independent dwell/buffer stations

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