QM Rail Test and Inspection Systems

We specialize in providing quality the rail systems industry with customised testing solutions. Whether a simple computer or tool is needed to manufacture and test extremely complex production lines Electronic Brake Controllers.

QM Rail Test and Inspection Systems

We operate with a number of customers including Network Rail Systems, Network Rail Systems, LUL, Siemens Rail, Knorr Bremse, Bombardier and many others, not to mention a host of suppliers of heavy infrastructure handling equipment. Network Rail and London Underground are licenced for a variety of our brands.

Some of our past ventures include the Brake Califer Assembly Lines, Brake Controler Building, Test and SIMULITION Systems, Compressor Assembly and Test Systems, POP and Test Systems, Relay Setting and Configuration Modules, Contact Inspection and Weld Systems, Mast Erection Solutions and much more.

Features & Benefits

QM systems is our experienced employee, with years of expertise in the automation field and beyond, who has a hand-picked workforce of more than 45 permanent members and a vital relationship with supporting contract resources. QM systems is the unique point of sale. The following fields are part of our in-house squad.

Staff Disciplines

  • Project Management
  • System engineering
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Electrical Design Engineers
  • PLC/ Robot software programmers
  • Software programmers
  • Mechanical Technicians
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Electronic and PCB system Design
  • Accounts/Sales/Management
  • Installation and commissioning team


QM Systems can provide a full turnkey solution for all your automation requirements.

QM systems is our professional staff with years of automation practise, a staff of more than 45 permanent employees and a critical partnership with contractual systems that support them. The only point of sale for QM systems. Our in-house team includes the following areas.

We believe that the use of individual vendors that are not checked will put the pressure to all QM Systems and our customers, and we do not agree to this. Both our minimum contracting resources are handled by expert partners, with whom we collaborate for a long period of time with QM Systems in accordance with the requirements and protocols of QM systems to ensure continuity in all programmes. This ensures that extra contractual resources are required for an unusual occasion and can be merged with our substantial staff in order to execute seamlessly.

The advantage this provides for our clients is that several different size schemes will simultaneously be carried out in-house by extending the contractual resources if necessary. This reassures our clients that the programmes are completed on schedule and on budget.

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