QM Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems are able to offer a wide range of bespoke inspection and test solutions across all industry sectors. We have been supplying test solutions for over 30 years and we have developed market leading solutions to some very complex challenges.

QM Systems are a dynamic and forward-thinking technology company specialising in the fields of automated electrical, machine vision, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical test production systems, in the Aerospace, Electronic Systems, Defence, Domestic, Oil & gas, Food & Beverage, Medical, Building Services and Rail sectors, amongst others.

Unlike many, we are an independent provider and specifically not aligned to any of the large test equipment providers like Agilent, National Instruments, Pickering etc. This enables us to deliver a solution that is designed specifically to meet your requirement, not to sell you Electronic Systems manufacturers equipment.

Case Study

QM systems adaptability and innovative approach has seen our team design and build a wide range of systems from as our PERA (Pulsed Energy Response Analyser), which tests the working function of the transient voltage suppressors on circuit boards used in aircrafts.

QM Systems

QM Systems specialities and skill sets include: 

  • Digital & Analogue circuit design
  • Control & Data Acquisition instrumentation
  • Test System and automation software design
  • Graphical User Interface design
  • Communications busses (RS232, 485, CAN, MVB, IEE1394, GPIB, Modbus, Ethernet)
  • PXI/VXI rack & card design
  • Signal conditioning
  • FPGA
  • Embedded processors for real time control
  • High voltage / high current circuit design.
  • High power switching
  • RF test, RF generation & detection.
  • RF analysis, spectrum analysers
  • RFID
  • JTag testing
  • Intelligent instrument Design
  • Design & Instrumentation Standards
  • CE compliant
  • PC based systems
  • Electronic systems design

Electronic Systems

We produce bespoke applications for fields of expertise such as:

  • Test Systems and Equipment for Complex Electronic Devices.
  • Production Line Test Systems.
  • Spatial Metrology Measurement Test Systems.
  • Machine Vision Test & Inspection Systems.
  • Instrument Control and Data Acquisition Technologies.
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).
  • Machine vision inspection system for print quality on automotive brake linings.
  • Machine vision test for collet damage.
  • Suite of automated test systems for Signal IO and Power Management modules for the Aerospace industry.
  • Pulsed Energy Response Analyser for the test of lightning protection devices in Aerospace.
  • LCD and MMI Vision Test systems for mobile phone production lines & PCB inspection.

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