Why Automation?

Do you have a process that has limitations or is restricted by staff or skill shortages? Automation can remove these barriers enabling you to streamline your manufacturing or testing process.

Future proofing

Investing in new automated systems can increase throughput capability, improve quality and reduce staffing overheads and costs

Increased productivity

Automation can be optimised to support increased demands, robots and automated systems can be active for longer periods of time.

Employee benefits

While automation supports strenuous or repetitive tasks. It can also assist in combatting skill or staff shortages, allowing companies to deploy staff into areas of the business that require dexterity and adaptive production.

Data & traceability

In certain sectors such as medical and pharma, traceability is essential, automation enables companies to track and store data to ensure regulations are being adhered too.

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Festo and QM Systems Unveil Innovative Automated Mass Testing System

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Festo and QM Systems Unveil Innovative Automated Mass Testing System Industrial automation specialist Festo in collaboration with QM Systems has made significant strides with their latest venture into automated laboratory…
Q-MAC 3 moving assembly carousel

QM System’s Moving Assembly Carousels or Q-Macs!

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We are taking a closer look at QM System's range of Motion Assembly Carousels or Q-MACs for short! These can be manual or automatically moved to aid operators and are…
Andy Wright visits Omron event

Andy attends the OMRON roadshow

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Andy attended the OMRON roadshow this week, highlighting the use of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) in flexible manufacturing scenarios. The venue was the RAF Museum in the Midlands, which showcases…
Staubli robot, Schneider, medical machine, QM Systems

It’s exciting times at QM Systems as always-shopfloor update May 2024

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It's exciting times at QM Systems as always! These are build progress photographs of our next bespoke projects in assembly build. We also continue to rapidly expand the Contract Manufacturing…

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