Contract Manufacturing

To compliment our design and manufacturing services for production lines and test systems QM also offer a service to manufacture your product for you. We call this QM Contract Manufacturing.

QM partner with you to develop your production and test strategy, we can manufacture your production and test equipment and work with you to make sure your product is designed with component manufacture and product assembly firmly in mind. This provides the most competitive costs to be achieved whilst also focusing to ensure quality product delivery. We install the production system in one of our facilities and provide the staff to build your product to your production schedule.

QM’s end to end process works with clients to define the manufacturing process, reducing cost, balancing risk and ensuring quality throughout. Our turnkey solution can dramatically shorten the development cycle from proof of principle to start of manufacture. Because we manage the entire process, providing valuable input into the design of your product we ensure that manufacturing processes achieve maturity in a shorter time enabling you to realise returns on investment far more quickly.

QM can provide its own Manufacturing Executable System (MES) that can readily be integrated with your choice of MRP or ERP systems. QM’s MES provides full Andon functionality or can be integrated with a third party Andon system.

Services we can provide

Product validation & launch

  • Concept Validation
  • Design Validation
  • Production Validation
  • SOP

Product maturation

  • Continuous Improvement
  • Process Balancing
  • Volume Uplift


  • Personnel Requirements
  • Inspection/QA/CI
  • Packaging/Logistics
  • ERP Interface
  • MES System

Product expansion

  • Development of New Variants
  • Product Diversification
Mechanical engineering
  • Virtual build events
  • PFME
  • Control Plans

Component Sourcing

Over the years we have developed a strong relationship wit some of the largest suppliers within the sector, this has enabled us to ensure we are sourcing the highest quality of components

  • Identification of suppliers
  • Supplier assessments
  • Supplier audits
  • BOM management

Design for Manufacture

  • Product Development
  • Rapid prototyping

In Partnership With

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