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G1 Gimbalator

Flexible assembly stations to suit your production requirements

The G1 Gimbalator, gimbal component handling – aiding manual processing

As a bespoke automation provider, most of our projects are unique single designs where the initial concept becomes the final solution, the G1 Gimbalator has been designed over a multitude of iterations as a product and has now found its way into, being supplied to our customers as a product.

The G1 Gimbalator is a flexible manipulation device, used to aid the assembly of dressing or inspection of components up to 100kg in the most ergonomic and dextrous way possible, whilst ensuring operator safety.

They can be used as a standalone fixture for re-work stations, mounted on a pillar to a floor mounted track, or even mounted to a carousel at a suitable working height on any of the QM QMAC track systems.

G1 Gimbalator

  • Adjustable height
  • Foot operated engagement/disengagement providing hands free operation
  • Flexible working positions
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Flexible operator positions
  • Designed to present the work piece to the operator in an ergonomic manner
  • Robust structure in steel and aluminium with a premium finish
  • Designed for heavy workloads of up to 100kg


  • Stationary or roller-track floor mount
  • Working height bench mount
  • Q-MAC 2 or 3 mounted
  • Custom fixtures to suit your products

The Gimbalator can be mounted in almost all configurations to suit your needs and working environment.

For example, a stationary floor mount in a processing area, or docking into individual ODU stations on a QM Systems Q-MAC 1.

By purchasing a product from QM Systems, you get truly flexible integration.

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