QM Systems Q-MAC 1

Safe handling of components and production processes, making assembly efficient, safe, whilst reducing errors

The QM Systems Multi-motion Assembly Carousel 1 allows the safe and efficient production of assemblies that are typically unsafe to be handled manually in most instances due to weight.

Using heavy-duty, low friction rails and bearing carriages, we can add custom fixtures, tooling or our G1 Gimbalator to give you perfect production capabilities.

We currently have Q-MAC 1 solutions in place in the Automotive and Marine markets, producing seating and gearboxes, using up to 16 stations at 16m in length.

We can tailor the system to have as many or as little stations as you like and as the system is modular it leaves future expansion open, should your production needs require it.

The Q-MAC 1 uses automatic ODU docking to provide power and/or air to each station when in place.

QM Systems Q-MAC 1 Manual production line

Q-MAC 1 Features

  • Manual station indexing
  • Low-friction components for low effort movement
  • Multiple heights and fixtures possible
  • Modular production line (add/remove stations as needed)
  • Controlled production processes (no-fault-forward)
  • Integration into existing MES systems
  • QM Systems CAA (Computer-aided-assembly) integration
  • Overhead pylon for lighting, tooling, etc
  • Central pylon for power, screens, etc
  • RFID integration
  • Siemens PLC controlled
QM Systems Q-MAC 1

Station Indexing

The Q-MAC 1 uses a heavy-duty rail, with each station using bearing carriages to carry components. The station is simply pushed along when production tasks are complete.

The rail can be mounted at working height, or at floor level, both using either a fixture our our G1 Gimbalator to hold your products.

When received in station, an operator will dock the station where automatic stops/clamps will receive the carriage and engage electrical and air connections.

The line can be controlled and monitored with it’s Siemens PLC, giving no-fault-forward control, incorporating RFID, poka-yoke and MES systems to provide full production oversight.

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