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QM systems and our wider group have over 3 decades of experience in the rail sector working with clients such as Siemens rail, Knorr Bremse KBRS, Invensys rail, London underground, Thomson Engineering Design and many more.

From bespoke electronic test systems, bespoke assembly production lines to mechanical test systems as well as a combination of all. We have worked with multiple clients to bring numerous bespoke projects to fruition an overview of images is provided below.

Included in our portfolio of solutions are: –

  • Brake valve ATE Automatic Test Equipment.
  • Relay setting stand
  • Generic test
  • Compact calliper test
  • Depot test stand
  • Compressor test

ATE test systems

Pointer press

QM Systems were tasked by a UK-based multinational rail group to deliver a test system to suit several families of two existing Railway Points Systems, more commonly known as the movable sections of track that allow trains to move from one line to another. The system requirements were full mechanical and electrical testing, minimal operator intervention and compliance with machine directive and EC / CE requirements.

Through in-depth studies to ensure we met all requirements; we created a motor driven actuator based system (electric press) to perform the mechanical testing. Compared to a pneumatic/hydraulic system, this increases life expectancy, has minimal maintenance and gives increased actuation control. The electric press consisted of a lead screw actuator, gearbox and servo motor. All of which were provided by Lenze and provided up to 12kn of force at a speed of 50mm/s travel.

In addition to mechanical tests, we included a Clare Elite 9024V combined module to undertake flash, continuity and bond electrical testing. With LabWindows/CVI and TestStand software both from NI (National Instruments) acting as control software. This bespoke piece of equipment is mounted on a mechanical trolley that can be freely wheeled to build stations and then latched on for testing

ATE test systems.

Housed at KBRS Melksham the ATE is a Mechanical and electrical full functional test for the calibration of the EP2002 brake valve.

The EP2002 test cell forms part of the manufacturing cell. The first test is a mechanical test, utilising high pressure switching mechanisms controlled by an industrial PC driven by national instruments communication cards. The system is written in C+ and test stand. The rig is connected to a series of pneumatic control valves and transducers with proportional pressure control using an analogue signal.

The EP2002 valves are manually transferred (with traceability control) around the production line where the electronic control is applied, followed by a bespoke flash tester to check earth leakage.

Once completed, it is manually loaded to the second EP2002 test rig where a series of mechanical and electronic tests providing the braking system with a full functional test report and certification for use.

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