QM Production Management Systems

QM Systems are leaders in the creation of innovative, leading edge technology. We have created our own MES system called QM CAA (Computer Aided Assembly system).

Our MES system has been crafted and refined over a number of years, delivering a truly market leading solution that is the most flexible in the industry. Rather than the typical industry approach of selling an off-the-shelf system that doesn’t quite fit your requirements, QM’s innovative approach provides you with a tailored solution that is designed specific to your requirements. This provides you with 100% of the functionality you require, no more, no less.

In the below gallery you can see an example of our MES applied to our demo rig at QM Systems. The system provides guided operation via screens, pick-to-light and DC tooling, taking the operators through the stages of a throttle body assembly. A vision system is used to conform assembly through various stages.

MES System

The PC based solution can be scaled from a simple stand-alone to a factory or even a business wide networked solution than can be run multi-platform and multi-factory.

The QM CAA provides tracking and traceability for manual or semi-automated production lines and will integrate with almost all 3rd party equipment such as DC tools, Leak Test Systems, Auto Greasing Systems, Measurement Systems, Vision Systems, Pick to Light Systems, and almost any form of In Process Validation (IPV) or control.

QM’s CAA will integrate readily with MRP systems, for example SAP and contains its own Andon and Maintenance modules. The system can also be easily integrated with other 3rd party Andon and Maintenance Systems.

Flexible, Configurable Solutions

Our CAA has been developed with our client’s requirements foremost and provides an innovative and very flexible solution to manufacturing process control and production traceability. Its flexibility in use is key where software can be easily reconfigured by the client as production needs and requirements evolve.

From automated assembly aids through to complex robotic assembly and inspection lines, our automated assembly systems have been extensively deployed in both high volume and low volume industries, often assembling very intricate components.

As with all QM Systems offerings, our Automated Production Systems are completely configurable and can be tailored to suit your precise needs.

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