QM Systems Q-MAC 2

QM Systems Q-MAC 2 – Automatic production line

Integrating automation into your production process, making assembly efficient, safe and error free

The QM Systems Multi-motion Assembly Carousel 2 allows the safe and efficient production of assemblies of up to 400kg. We can customise fixtures, tooling, line speeds and integrate MES software to give you perfect production capabilities. We currently have Q-MAC 3 solutions in place in the Automotive and Marine markets, producing seating, engines and gearboxes, using up to 30 stations at 27m in length.

We can tailor the system to have as many or as little stations as you like and as the system is modular it leaves future expansion open, should your production needs require it.

The Q-MAC 2 uses Siemens controls and servo-drive to drive the carousel, giving synchronous indexing of your work stations.

Q-MAC 2 Features

  • Automatic station engagement (task start)
  • Automatic station disengagement (task complete)
  • Modular production line (add/remove stations as needed)
  • Controlled production processes (no-fault-forward)
  • Integration into existing MES systems
  • QM Systems CAA (Computer-aided-assembly) integration
  • Overhead pylon for lighting, tooling, etc
  • Central pylon for power, screens, etc
  • RFID integration
Q-MAC assembly line

Station Indexing

The Q-MAC 2 features a drive mechanism which dictates all stations move in sync, this is perfect where all line processes take the same amount of time or when throughput is not critical.

It is also suited to production processes which have a constantly-moving production line.

All line speeds, stops and indexes can be controlled via software, giving you the perfect solution.

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