Festo and QM Systems Unveil Innovative Automated Mass Testing System

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Festo and QM Systems Unveil Innovative Automated Mass Testing System

Industrial automation specialist Festo in collaboration with QM Systems has made significant strides with their latest venture into automated laboratory systems. Their new development fills, caps, and labels test vials at a remarkable speed of up to 3,000 vials per hour. This development, documented in articles from Industrial Technology, P&CT, and Machine Building Network, showcases a leap in laboratory automation that stemmed from the urgent needs during the COVID pandemic.

High-Speed Efficiency

The system’s efficiency is due to its high-speed vial filling, capping, and labelling line that integrates sophisticated Siemens control technology. Two bowl feeders manage the vials and caps, which are then aligned and dosed with precision. A distinct feature of the system is its torque monitoring, which guarantees that each cap is securely fastened, ensuring sample integrity—an essential factor for diagnostics.

Precision in Automation

A standout component of the system is the Festo VTOE dispensing head and VAEM valve control module, which allow for the precise dispensing of liquids in varying volumes with exacting accuracy. The control of the system is fine-tuned to 0.2 milliseconds, showcasing the capability of the automation to handle tasks with stringent requirements for precision and repeatability.

Adaptability and Future Applications

As noted by Kristian Richardson, Commercial Director at QM Systems, the design accommodates modifications during setup, which is crucial for handling various test scenarios and future adaptations. The system not only meets the immediate needs but also stands ready for broader applications in medical diagnostics, biotech, and even cosmetics.

Looking Forward

The partnership between Festo and QM Systems exemplifies how collaboration and technological advancement can lead to significant enhancements in efficiency and reliability in lab operations. Their success in developing this automated system indicates a promising direction for laboratory and diagnostic services post-pandemic, highlighting the importance of adaptability and precision in medical technology.

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