Andy attends the OMRON roadshow

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Andy Wright visits Omron event

Andy attended the OMRON roadshow this week, highlighting the use of AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) in flexible manufacturing scenarios. The venue was the RAF Museum in the Midlands, which showcases many examples of historical British aviation and it was a great setting to be amongst such fantastic examples of engineering.

We see great opportunities for the application of AMRs in the use of material movement around factories, enabling the connection of production processes to each other. The other area we see great potential is bringing packaging materials to the side of production lines from storage areas. This can reduce the demands upon Forklift truck operators and can ensure correct materials are where they should be, just in time.

Where QM Systems can really add value to the integration of this technology, is customising a total solution including depalletizing packaging materials using industrial robots and solving challenges in getting cartons and cases loaded onto packaging machines operators, including the use of vision systems. We are experts at integrating AMRs into bespoke automation solutions.

We are looking for more AMR customers and also to packaging suppliers to reach out to us, to develop what we call Robot ready packaging (RoboRP).

Please share your Materials Moving Challenges by getting in contact with QM Systems: sales@qm-systems.com

Andy Wright visits Omron eventOMRON AMR LD-60OMRON eventIOMRON AMR-HD1500omron amr with cobot application

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