Composite Automation

Composite Automation

QM Systems provide flexible framing solutions for carbon fiber assemblies. Our systems range from fully-automation engineering services manufacturing lines to manual assembly jigs and fixtures. We work with our clients to develop solutions, carrying out Simultaneous Engineering (SE) projects working alongside our client’s design team to evaluate the process; adhesives and adhesives systems; bonding trials and evaluation; tooling requirements; inspection requirements, and all elements associated with our client’s product. Our insertion press manufacturers’ solutions are process-driven taking into account our client’s immediate and future needs, manufacturing lines are fully simulated to drive to a solution that is both cost-effective and value for money.

Welcome to Composite Automation, LLC. We are the simplest Manufacturer’s Representative corporation in the united kingdom that specializes in presenting modern composites production answers to groups production of numerous sorts of composite systems and bespoke system integrators materials. The groups that we constitute provide a huge type of composites automation production answers along with additive production, automatic fiber/tape placement machines for each thermoset and thermoplastics, filament winding, CNC and waterjet machining systems, pre-preg making machines, pass ply laminators, laser projection systems, fiber patch placement, nondetrimental testing, and custom automation answers.

Check our Services for automatic hydraulic press quote web page for a listing of our companions that assist you with procedure improvement to make certain that your applications are low hazard while implemented.

Composites Automation Manufacturing Machines


The composites enterprise has been developing healthily, however, there are nonetheless a few demanding situations stopping it from attending to very excessive volumes,’ he said. ‘The largest any such demanding situations is cost, each from the perspective of the uncooked material (specifically CFRP) and the technical manufacturing. Other demanding situations which can be robotics systems turnkey manufacturers into an increasing number of enormous inside the enterprise are the repair, restoration, and reusability of composite parts.

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