QM Systems Bespoke Hydraulic Presses

QM Self-Clinching Fastener Hydraulic Press Systems

QM Systems are leaders in the creation of innovative, bespoke press systems for the insertion of self-clinching fasteners

QM Systems are a supplier of bespoke hydraulic press systems, suitable for the insertion of self clinching nuts and studs, also known as SPAC nuts and SPAC studs.

Our experience in designing high tonnage machines with complex fixtures, slide indexing systems, robotic feeding/insertion for complete automation and full poka-yoke means we can cover any requirement.

Our presses feature monitored hydraulic safety valves, cooling systems and thermal monitoring/cut-off. Operator safety is ensured with biometrics, bump strips and light guards.

Press Variations

As our presses are bespoke, this means you will get full control over your processes ensuring safety, quality, throughput and handling requirements are met.

Our systems range from single cylinder, single fixture, low tonnage machines, to multiple cylinder, multiple or indexing fixture, high tonnage machines. These can be manually loaded or tended by robots, gantries etc.

We can also press and insert fittings on multiple planes using the same press, something which other manufacturers struggle with.

Our presses use the latest CETOP monitored valves, thermal monitoring and cooling systems. Full FEA and hydraulic volumetric calculations are carried out as part of our quotation and design process.

In addition to press systems, we also offer manual Rivnut and Rivstud stations to support your pressing operations, using manual, hand-held tooling with PLC/poka-yoke integration.

Automated solutions

Typical automated press applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Self-clinch nuts
  • Self-clinch studs
  • Spac nuts
  • Spac studs
  • Riv nuts
  • Riv studs
  • Single fixture, single cylinder
  • Multiple fixture, multiple cylinder
  • Auto-indexing fixtures, multiple cylinder
  • Full poka-yoke process confirmation

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