We Are Moving

2022 brings exciting times here at QM systems as we embark on a new chapter in our company’s journey. Despite a challenging period with the backdrop of Brexit and a global pandemic, QM systems business has gone from strength to strength as we continue to provide the nation and abroad with automation solutions, bespoke design test systems, electronic systems, robotic systems and more. Brexit and the pandemic has highlighted how, as a nation, are too reliant on supply from the Far East and Asia Pacific regions. This in turn has highlighted that in order to become more self-sufficient as a country, we need manufacture more here in our Domestic market and to do that we need to drive the cost to manufacture down.

The most efficient way to do this is by producing automated solutions locally in the UK that will provide a stable and constant cost of manufacture with greater output, improved quality, reduced environmental impact and less waste, resulting in higher profits.

We have seen our NHS struggle to obtain PPE and single use items, we have seen our supermarkets and retail industry struggle with supplies from countries beyond our borders, with significant delays and zero stock at times. It has at the very least highlighted that manufacture needs to return here to the UK.

As a result of that demand, we are seeing many companies turn to automation and explore what value it can provide their manufacturing business. So much so that QM systems have now reached our capacity at our existing site in the heart of the countryside and we have taken the decision to move to a state-of-the-art UK manufacturing site on the Hartlebury Trading Estate to a 45,000 square foot factory with a suited layout to both our project-based and contract manufacturing business units. The new facility increases our manufacturing floor space five fold and offers a doubling in office space tailored to our requirements as well as additional space for future expansion. 

Kristian Richardson

Commercial Director

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