Food packaging


Our experience working with food manufacturers has given us a proven track record of being able to provide highly efficient Food Packaging Automation solutions.

With such a high demand for food, manufacturers now require automated packaging systems that are able to process large volumes at high speeds to meet demand also while maintaining a high quality. Using the highest quality materials including food grade robots and bespoke wash down systems.

Our expertise has enabled us to design bespoke automated packaging systems which are capable of all stages of the production line being able to handle raw, fresh and frozen food. From primary packing through to secondary packing and finally be palletised for distribution.

Robot packaging system

Robot packing machine

This bespoke system is capable of 60 Picks/Min, the process works by food being added to hoppers,  once in the hoppers a vision systems detect specific items of food which are then picked and placed into the food trays by high speed scara robots.

Grape packing system

Designed and built a bespoke system for a fruit packing company, the system has the capability of 70 picks per minuete with a total of four lines
The system process features the following
  • Operator sorting /weighing line
  • Individual acetates containing grapes are then loaded onto conveyors after being weighed
  • The acetate containing grapes are then transferred on the conveyors round to flow wrapper
  • Grapes are transferred on the conveyors around to diverges where operators then load the grapes onto pallets for dispatch
  • The system features dual lane redundancy to ensure packaging can continue if one side of operators are not present

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