Construction & building services

QM Systems produce bespoke automation solutions for most industry sectors, two of those in particular being Retail and Building Services. With clients such as Kohler Mira, Clamason, McAlpine Plumbing and Hadley, we have experience in many types of products and solutions.

From assembly and packaging, to test and production systems QM Systems are specialists at the design and manufacture of bespoke solutions to suit the needs of Retail and Building Services manufacturing

McAlpine plumbing

PVC assembly

McAlpine Plumbing had the requirement to automate the currently manual process of installing a captive nut onto 5 variants of pipe bend body. The total system cost was £235k, at a lead time of 28 weeks.

The components are fed into the system via hoppers and bowl feeders, and fed into picking positions via robots. Using escapements and vision inspection, the body is picked by robot #1 and loaded into an assembly nest, whilst the nut is fitted via robot #2, a final vision inspection confirms correct assembly.

Hadley Steel - Handling, conveying and bundling

Hadley Steel – handling, conveying and bundling

Hadley Steel handling, conveying and bundling

We were asked by Hadley to design, manufacture and install a Material Handling and Packaging System, at a final cost of £2.5m. The lead time for the system was 35 weeks.

The main components were a palletising system for rolled steel section, which takes the steel directly from cold rolling, collates the steel sections into layers and palletises the sections. This was part of the plants JIT production. The overall scope of supply includes Roller, Power and free, Slat, Belt and chain conveyors as well as shuttles, XYZ lift axis, platform transfers and more. The entire process starts inside the factory and finishes outside for dispatch, utilising the auto load of curtain side trailers.

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