Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems

QM systems offer a variety of bespoke electronic system disciplines including inspection systems of all disciplines from Leak detection testing, voltage testing, hardware in the loop, voltage testing, resistance testing and much more. Here at QM systems we work closely with our customers to provide a full turnkey solution from the design through to manufacturing the system to ensure we fully understand your requirements and deliver a bespoke solution to solve your challenge.

We have been providing electronic systems since the company began in 1986, during this journey we have provided solutions for the telecommunication industry, working with clients such as Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson. We work in the oil and gas sector providing Atex electronic controllers for explosive environments. We work with leading blue-chip companies in the aerospace industry, providing electronic test system in aircraft control equipment. We have a long-standing portfolio of rail control systems from control units to lane changing signal controllers.

We also provide systems using @nationalinstruments equipment for test processes.

We have our own demo MES System. This bespoke piece of technology utilises our very own, in-house designed Computer Aided Assembly (CAA). It is fully configurable which offers the additional benefit when manufacturing bespoke systems. We developed this system some 15 years ago when we established that all exiting software factory systems had significant restrictions that prohibited you from an adaptable solution. We therefore designed our own and as it is open architecture, we can adapt to it genuinely provide a fully controlled bespoke solution. We have a demonstration unit at our manufacturing site that shows the principles and capabilities so we invite our customers to come down and see for yourself.

This system can visually guide operators through assembly and test procedures, using tooling and sensing to confirm functions and processes. Here we show an example that uses barcode scanning, pick-to-light, part-in-place fixturing, wireless/corded DC tooling and vision testing to complete a throttle body assembly. It can be used as a standalone cell, or integrated into an existing or new production line. What sets QM apart is that due to our CAA being created by our own software team, we can tailor the MES System to any specific requirements that are necessary.

With this level of independence when creating testing systems such as this and many more we are not relying on electronic test equipment providers. Thus, any assistance that you require with the solutions we offer can be provided instantly from us and without the need to wait for contact from a third party. One of our key principles is exceptional customer service. Therefore, by keeping communication clear and concise throughout, with experienced and specialised staff from our facility not only adheres to our principles but allows your business and system to run as efficiently as possible.

QM Systems

QM Systems specialities and skill sets include: 

  • Digital & Analogue circuit design
  • Control & Data Acquisition instrumentation
  • Test System and automation software design
  • Graphical User Interface design
  • Communications busses (RS232, 485, CAN, MVB, IEE1394, GPIB, Modbus, Ethernet)
  • PXI/VXI rack & card design
  • Signal conditioning
  • FPGA
  • Embedded processors for real time control
  • High voltage / high current circuit design.
  • High power switching
  • RF test, RF generation & detection.
  • RF analysis, spectrum analysers
  • RFID
  • JTag testing
  • Intelligent instrument Design
  • Design & Instrumentation Standards
  • CE compliant
  • PC based systems
  • Electronic systems design

Electronic Systems

We produce bespoke applications for fields of expertise such as:

  • Test Systems and Equipment for Complex Electronic Devices.
  • Production Line Test Systems.
  • Spatial Metrology Measurement Test Systems.
  • Machine Vision Test & Inspection Systems.
  • Instrument Control and Data Acquisition Technologies.
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).
  • Machine vision inspection system for print quality on automotive brake linings.
  • Machine vision test for collet damage.
  • Suite of automated test systems for Signal IO and Power Management modules for the Aerospace industry.
  • Pulsed Energy Response Analyser for the test of lightning protection devices in Aerospace.
  • LCD and MMI Vision Test systems for mobile phone production lines & PCB inspection.

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