Medical device assembly


laboratory automation

QM Systems’ medical team are dedicated to working closely with our clients at every step of the process in providing cost-effective automated solutions in the ever changing and evolving medical industry.

QM Systems has over 35 years of fully comprehensive knowledge and experience developing premier, bespoke automated systems to world renowned customers in a variety of industries. The level of detail, care and commitment we showcase into every project is found with our partnerships in the medical world. Including sectors such as Lab Automation, Medical Devices, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical.

All of our designs are purpose built to be GAMP Compliant, adhere to Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) requirements, as well as any internal specifications that you may require. Every system we produce is made in accordance with our mission statement: “To be the partner of choice for manufacturing, assembly, automation and test solutions. We have set ourselves the goal of positively influencing the success of our clients and becoming a valuable and respected partner in their future”.

At QM, we understand the versatility and delicacy that the medical industry demands. In a sector where business is constantly growing, and technological advancements can be a daily achievement, we make sure that our products and bespoke designs are able to keep up with the demands, always remaining modern and up to date with any new guidelines that arise. We have done this by obtaining a back catalogue of recognised partners, whose top tier equipment is integrated into our systems. Making them some of the most accurate, relievable and efficient on the market today, without compromising on price.



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