Benefits Of Automated Production Lines

Benefits Of Automated Production Lines

There are many benefits of automated production lines, they provide the ability to process raw materials to enter one end of the line, leaving as a finished product at the other. One of the key benefits being that this process is complete with little to no human intervention.

One of the main benefits automation provides is time, another argument for automation is that it is seen as a way of future proofing your business, increasing productivity by minimising errors and enabling staff to undertake other responsibilities while your automated solution takes on repetitive or strenuous tasks.

There are many factors that play into the favour of automated production lines. Repetitive tasks involved with manufacturing can be mind-numbing therefore increasing the level of danger and repetitive strain, automation can remove these.

Case Study - Body in white

A customer approached us to find a solution for converting normal commercial vans into larger delivery vans to counter the shortage of 7.5 tonne drivers. The conversion would see the rear of the van be replaced with a carbon fibre body which increased the size of the load to be carried and also reducing weight due to the light nature of carbon fibre.

This flexible solution allows the build of several van body variants, producing a finished van from 15 panels every 42 minutes. The production line utilises 4 robots, 2 of which are mounted on a 20m 7th axis. Working in unison they handle framing gates, composite panels and the application of adhesives.

This bespoke solution enabled a emission and space saving solution to be bought to reality.

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