Designing And Building Automated Assembly Systems

Designing And Building Automated Assembly Systems

QM Automated Solutions are leaders in the creation of innovative, leading edge bespoke assembly systems for all automated assembly processes.

At QM Systems our innovation and experience enable us to provide solutions and make them a reality with over 35 years of experience designing and building automates assembly lines.

Engaging with our customers and building a healthy and trusting relationship enables us to identify all aspects of their requirements. We begin our journey to design and build our automated assembly lines  by understanding and often developing the customer process

, providing a process driven solution using computer simulation techniques to demonstrate process viability.

Once the process is defined, a conceptual solution is developed incorporating the latest technologies to give you an idea on production times with video simulations.

Our robotic and mechanical engineers work closely with you through the initial concept design process, when a solution is agreed we set the wheels in motion to begin building your bespoke automated assembly system.

From here we assign one of our dedicated project managers, to ensure timeframes are met and you are kept up to date with the progress of their project.

Due to our tenure within the industry we have both a strong relationships with many different suppliers and also a strong understanding of their products which enables us to  have the capacity to integrate any specification of robot or vision system or anything else that you may require.

Our process

Our process of design and build initially starts with learning and understanding your process and requirements

From then we move on to the project definition and then the design phase.

Once a concept design has been agreed the build phase begins, here we assign a dedicated project manager whose sole focus is your project. This ensures every aspect and process of the project is managed thoroughly  , while there is continual communication during the build and commissioning phase.

The final stage of our processes are – Factory Acceptance Testing and Site Installation/Acceptance Testing

Sector experience

Over 35 years of experience designing and building a wide range of bespoke systems of all sizes, from work top solutions, single cells to large scale assembly lines.

-Automotive industry


-Food & Beverage



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