Automated Medical & Pharmaceutical Vial Filling Machines

QM Medical Vial Filling Solutions

QM Automated Solutions are leaders in the creation of innovative, leading edge bespoke assembly systems for all automated assembly processes.

QM Systems vial filling machines are supplied in 3000 vials per hour and 6000 vials per hour versions. Both are adaptable to suit your specific requirements for vial handling, vial dosing and extras such as labelling and bagging. Higher throughput versions are also available.

We tailor the machines to suit your fill volume requirements, by performing trials factoring product density and viscosity to determine needle sizing, filling pressure etc. This will enable us to quote a disperse range, accuracy and fill time, to ensure we meet your production requirements.

We use the latest Dosing Head and Dispense Valve technology, giving us CV values of below 1% for 50 µl and 0.1% for 1000 µl. Each dispense valve is controlled independently via a control valve module, which are controlled via current rather than voltage, eliminating the difference in solenoid performance due to coil temperature. This coupled with the dispense nozzle allows the system to fill vials to such small volume’s as 50 µl at this incredibly low value of coefficient of variation.

System Performance

Model 3000: Volumes from 50µl to 1500µl at speeds up to 3000 vials per hour.

At 3000/hour this equates to 50/min or 1.2 sec Cycle, at an OEE 85% this gives a 1 sec Cycle, which equates to 60/min or 3600/hour.

Model 6000: Volumes from 50µl to 1500µl at speeds up to 6000 vials per hour.

At 6000/hour this equates to 100/min or 0.6 sec Cycle, at an OEE 85% this gives a 0.5 sec Cycle, which equates to 120/min or 7200/hour.

Integrated Components

  • Vial filling
  • Vial capping
  • Vial labelling
  • Festo VODA/VTOE solenoid dispense valves
  • Piezo electric pressure regulators
  • Full, low level and empty fluid sensors
  • Independent dispense valve control system
  • Valve control/calibration interface via HMI
  • Vial fluid height verification
  • Servo rotary capping system (bowl feed)
  • Vial barcode, batch, date, time etc marking
  • PLC/HMI control system
  • SAP/ERP/SCADA PC integration
  • Machine frame construction
  • Fully guarded and safety interlocked
  • Further automation can be added as required

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