Packaging Automation Solutions

Packaging Automation Solutions

QM Systems has a specialist team with over 100 collective years of engineering experience, that are highly skilled in designing, testing and manufacturing automated packaging systems. From carton erecting, case packing, palletising, robot loading and much more. Our systems boast the ideal blend of quality and cost effectiveness to improve production rate and efficiency of operation.

We work closely with our clients right through the system production timeline, from original design, build, commissioning and final instillation to make sure that our bespoke packaging systems match their specific requirements, such as limited floor space or a necessity for high throughput.

Types Of Packaging Systems:

  • Types Of Packaging Systems:
    • Collation systems
    • Feeding systems
    • Carton erectors/closers
    • Case erectors/closers
    • Robot Loading
    • Palletising
    • Labelling systems
    • Code marking

Types of Packaging:

Primary packaging: This form of packaging is the initial carton, wrapper, etc that is in direct contact with the product. Its role is to protect the product, as well as advertise any  important information for the consumers, such as use-by dates

Secondary packaging: This method encloses all primary packaged products into a secondary container, such as a cardboard carton. This is typically the packaging that is seen directly from consumers on shop shelves or counter tops.

Tertiary packaging: Referred as transit packaging, this phase of the packaging line sees secondary-packed containers positioned within larger containers, such as cardboard boxes. This can be accompanied with other safeguarding materials such as bubble wrap, to ensure the product is not damaged during transit

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