QM Battery Assembly

Automated Battery Assembly

QM Systems’ team  are dedicated to working closely with our clients at every step of the process in providing innovative, leading and cutting- edge bespoke assembly systems for the production of all battery types.

QM Systems are experts in supplying bespoke automation, ranging from fully integrated production lines to manual assembly fixtures. As part of our offering these include battery assembly machines. These processes include tab welding, pocketing and the wrapping of cells.

These systems are bespoke to your specific requirements for high or low volume battery production and can include additional processes such as vision inspection, measurement and leak/electrical testing.

Once the cells have been produced we also provide systems to grade, sort, pack and palletise.

Our systems use the latest ultrasonic welding, resistance welding, ultrasonic soldering and hot wire welding of pouches to produce cells for primarily the Automotive industry.

QM Systems

We design bespoke battery production automation covering a range of battery types:

  • Cylindrical
  • Pouch
  • Prismatic

Automated functions include:

  • Automated feeding of cells
  • Automated feeding of tabs
  • Welding or soldering of cells and tabs
  • Pouch assembly and sealing
  • Wrapping of anode and cathode cells

Areas For Automation

  • Robotic assembly
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Ultrasonic soldering
  • Resistance welding
  • Hot wire sealing and cutting
  • Vison inspection and measurement
  • Electrical testing (battery cell testing)
  • Rotary table assembly
  • Walking beam assembly
  • Laser and inkjet barcode, batch, date, time etc marking
  • PLC/HMI control system
  • SAP/ERP/SCADA PC integration
  • Machine frame construction
  • Fully guarded and safety interlocked
  • Further automation can be added as required

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