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Bespoke engine assembly production line

Automated Engine Assembly Systems

Our engine assembly production lines utilise our Q-MAC assembly carrousel and MES (Manufacturing Execution System).
This gives you the flexibility of a bespoke solution to suit your specific requirements, with the reliability and cost effectiveness of a proven system.
Our experience in designing bespoke engine production lines with integrated systems such as jigs and fixtures, test stations, MES integration, DC tooling, poka-yoke and automated processes means we can cover any requirement.
To guide operators through build and test processes, our systems can be provided with our proprietary MES system, or integrate existing production software to suit your standards. Up and downstream processing such as conveying, palletising and overhead gantry/manipulators can also be added.
All of our systems are CE marked and Operator safety is ensured with safety features such as light curtains, floor scanners and biometrics.

Engine assembly & test

All of our systems are bespoke, this means you will get full control over your processes ensuring safety, throughput and quality requirements are met.

Our systems use our Q-MAC manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic assembly carousels. They take any manual manipulation of the engine away from the operators where required and index them through stations on a linear transfer mechanism.

Operators are guided through assembly and test procedures via MES production software, displayed on screens at each station.

The integration of jigs, fixtures and feedback tooling gives precise feedback on confirmed assembly and traceability where required.

As part of our quotation, we will carry out a process study and closely look at your production requirements, such as throughput and quality standards to make sure your production demands and ROI can be met.

Integrated Applications

Typical engine production line and test applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Cylinder head assembly
  • Valve train assembly
  • Bottom end engine assembly
  • Bump height / TDC measurement
  • Piston assembly
  • Conrod assembly
  • Bearing assembly
  • RTV application
  • Short block engine assembly
  • Engine dress
  • Flywheel and clutch assembly
  • Engine loom and sensor testing
  • Engine and gearbox mating
  • Engine and transmission testing
  • Hot and cold engine testing
  • Engine leak testing
  • Transmission leak testing

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