Special Purpose Machinery

Special Purpose Machinery

QM Systems are providers of special purpose machinery, also know as machine builders and automated solutions providers.

At QM Systems, we specialise in the design, build and installation of special purpose machinery. We are able to take your product, existing process or desired process from inception through to production. We can work to your existing RFQ/TRS or help you to define one, offering a truly bespoke solution. Typical special purpose machinery includes, but is not limited to Robotics, Assembly, Test, Inspection and Handling.

Machine Types

  • Assembly systems – rotary or linear
  • Production lines – integration of manual stations and tooling
  • Robotic assembly systems
  • Robotic handling systems
  • Vision inspection systems
  • Test systems – electrical testing, leak testing
  • Special purpose medical systems
  • Handling systems – conveying, palletising, packing, sorting

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