Vision Inspection Systems for Quality Control

Within the manufacturing industry, quality control of provided by vision inspection systems is being used more frequently. At QM Systems, we have the expertise in the design and manufacture of bespoke vision systems that cater to a wide range of components. We integrate industry leading equipment from suppliers such as Keyence, Cognex, OMRON, Stemmer, Dalsa Teledyne, Sony, zebra, balluff, LMI, Sensopart and Baumer, into existing or brand new machines. These vision systems can be standalone, or part of a wider system, feeding back to a PLC or PC controls architecture.

Our vision systems may be simple sensors, through to highly accurate vision inspection down to micron level. QM Systems excels where no quality control is available off the shelf, such as a unique product, high speed or hazardous inspection.

Our controls and software team are permanent members of our team, based in house, giving us full control over the solution. We have implemented quality control vision systems into, but not limited to the Medical, Defence, Aerospace and Automotive industries.

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