System Integrators

System Integrators

QM Systems have taken pride in our ability to provide system integration services to our clients for over 35 years.  We aim to build a positive repour from the very first meeting with a client, outlining their specific requirements, and outlying which potential technologies that would be most beneficial to be integrated to our bespoke infrastructure.

Often times clients have particular companies who’s products they wish to include into their systems. Therefore, by forming positive working relationships with some of the worlds most recognised and respected businesses, we have been able to assist our customers by building computing systems by combining hardware, software, networking and storage products from multiple vendors. We have cast our net wide when it comes to building these relationships, meaning that no matter what specifications are required in any industry, we will be able to provide the ideal solution for you.

Below is and example bespoke piece of design and engineering showcasing our ability to create cost effective solutions without compromising on quality. A world renowned plumbing company came to QM Systems requesting for an automated solution to assembly their PVC Piping. In doing so, we integrated components from companies such as Alphamation, Yaskawa and Keyence to create our system. The bowl feeders supplied by Alphamation will operate in tandem to supply two Yaskawa robots, the GP8 and GP50. One with 6 variants of body, and another providing nuts to connect together.

The body  variants are evenly distributed onto the picking conveyor via the bowl feeder, the Keyence vision system will then identify the part’s type, orientation and offset. This information is then relayed to the GP8 for it to pick and place into the designated fixturing created on a rotary table. Once the part is placed, the GP50 robot will pick a nut from the buffer queue that has been already been orientated by Alphamation bowl feeders. This pneumatic gripper fitted to the robot grips onto the nut, and is transported to the variant. It is then pushed onto the part at a slight angle

The GP50 will then pick the fully assembled part and have it scanned under a vision sensor. Once the sensor also supplied by Keyence has confirmed that the components are correct, the product is placed into one of three gravity shoots to be collected by an operator. The entire system will also be controlled by a Siemens PLC & HMI control system. An example of software integration of the highest calibre.

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