QM Systems Manufacturing

Two & Three Part Assembly/Test Station Begins Construction

Another bespoke assembly system currently under development at QM Systems. This particular cell will be utilising four KUKA KR 4 R600 six axis robots which have just been installed into the system. Our client has a requirement for a fully automated system capable of assembling and testing two and three assemblies at a minimum rate of 45 parts per minute. The system is capable of handling multiple product families.

Our solution uses a WEISS Group NC150, servo based rotary table that can provide multiple indexing positions. Lending itself for the accuracy required in this application to move freely to the specific nest needed for the variant being produced. A multiplatform recirculating bowl feed system, supplied by ALPHAMATION LIMITED, is also implemented to allow us to run all the product families without tool changes. The KUKA robots are pivotal in picking the components and loading them into a corresponding pocket on the rotary table.

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