Automated Assembly System

QM Systems Have The Solution For You.

Automated Assembly Systems

QM systems provide a full, bespoke turnkey offering for all automated assembly systems requirements. If a manufacturer needs to increase throughput and or improve the quality of the assembly of your products then look no further than QM Systems.

With years of experience of products within all industry sectors, QMSystems will work with our clients to establish an automation solution provider that solves their immediate requirements considering any of their plans such as growth, more product lines, and more.

QM Systems have a wealth of knowledge and experience with over 55 permanent team members that provide our customers with the peace of mind that our in-house team can help inquiries under one roof of all sizes and deliver on-time solutions to suit all budgets. From an introduction to automation through to body in white automation assembly lines with full data acquisition. QM systems have the solution for you.

Design for Automated assembly System:

Some principles which can be applied to facilitate automated assembly system in product design are:

  • Reduce the amount of assembly needed.
  • Use modular design.
  • Reduce the required number of fasteners.
  • Reducing the need for the handling of multiple components at once.
  • Limit the access directions that are required.
  • High component quality is required.
  • Hopperability Implementation.

Our product offerings include bench-top assembly units, machine tool loading and conveyance, vision or probe-based inspection machines, task-specific turnkey robotic systems, and multi-station chassis-based automatic assembly machines.

We experience in our ingenuity and forward-thinking. One proven platform is that the cam-actuated synchronous rotary chassis and our modifications to the present time-tested production management systems welding design include improved indexing systems, lower base height to enhance operator ergonomics, space-saving electrical control box placement, and pendant-mounted touch screen control panels with data collection and instant feedback.
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