QM Systems Manufacturing

Bespoke Hydraulic Press Shipment

This past week has seen two further bespoke automated systems be delivered to their forever home! Both being received by one of our regular, high-end and widely respected automotive clients.

QM Systems are a supplier of bespoke hydraulic press systems, suitable for the insertion of self-clinching nuts and studs, also known as SPAC nuts and SPAC studs. Our experience in designing high tonnage machines with complex fixtures, slide indexing systems for complete automation and full poka-yoke means we can cover any requirements. The machines delivered this past week are for the insertion of SPAC nuts to aluminium automotive castings.

For more information about our innovative solutions, visit our dedicated web page here: https://bit.ly/3ov2mbT

Every system we produce is made in accordance with our mission statement: “To be the partner of choice for manufacturing, assembly, automation and test solutions. We have set ourselves the goal of positively influencing the success of our clients and becoming a valuable and respected partner in their future”.

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