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Bespoke SPAC Nut Press

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Bespoke SPAC Nut Press

Currently, in the build phase at our facility, we have a self-clinching nut insertion system. This turnkey press utilises 3 hydraulic cylinders and a fixture on an automatic linear slide to insert 4 SPAC nuts into a casting.
The central cylinder inserts 2 M10 nuts on a vertical plane with 24T of pressure. Each of the cylinders either side insert a single M6 nut at an angle using 8T of pressure.

The system is fully automatic, requiring the operator to simply load the casting and 4 nuts – the Siemens PLC takes care of the rest, placing the casting under each cylinder before returning to the centre for removal.
Poka-yoke checks are in place to ensure the nuts have been inserted to spec.

QM Systems are a lead provider for turnkey bespoke presses, solving solutions with single systems that would often otherwise require multiple presses.

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