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Bottom service centrifuge assembly and test production line

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H&M bottom centrifuge

An automotive client of ours had a requirement to automate an assembly and test process for the manufacture of a bottom service centrifuge used in a heavy goods vehicle. The bottom service centrifuge houses the centrifuge plastic rotor which is used to separate soot particles from oil to reduce engine wear and to lengthen servicing intervals. Working within a tight budget, we had to devise a semi-automated system that utilised operators whilst ensuring the accuracy of the assembly was achieved.

QM Systems delivered a system controlled by a PLC no fault forward architecture. This allowed operators to handle and transfer the components around the system to a series of assembly and test stations. Each part has a unique identification bar code which is scanned into each station containing a stored a recipe of its individual progress around the cell ensuring that each component undertakes all processes in sequence, following a no-fault forward cycle. This means that should any test fail at any station; it cannot be processed further until the failure is addressed and or re-worked. When complete each part has a full working history and stored test criteria that can be recalled at any time if parts are returned by the end-user due to quality issues. This provides their customer with full traceability of each build and test stage of the manufacturing process ensuring peace of mind knowing that all returned parts have can be verified.

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