Centrifugal Plastic Rotor Verification System

The bespoke automated test system detailed below is designed to verify a centrifugal plastic rotor used to separate engine soot from engine oil to reduce engine wear for Scania Trucks. This system utilises a no-fault forward control system designed and manufactured by QM Systems. We call this our CAA (Computer Aided Assembly) and is a PC driven MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The MES not only guides the operator through the test procedure but also provides tracking and traceability on the 3rd party equipment. CAA is a perfect, low-cost solution when mixing automation and physical operators.

A Poka-Yoked fixture ensures the rotor is located in a fixed, known position with sensing to confirm this. A Fairfield Microscan Vision Hawk Camera reads the VIN on the rotor to verify the correct part has been selected. An AMF toggle clamp is engaged upon the rotor to form an airtight seal and the enclosure is locked via a SAIA Burgess push action solenoid. A Furness control FCO750 leak tester pressurises the rotor to 1.5 bar and monitors the pressure decay looking for a maximum leak rate of 5cm³/min.

A Turck Banner pick to light K30 two colour touch sensor system controlled by our MES provides the operator with a visual and touch indication to pick and form a box, three O-rings and a card insert are then placed into the formed box. The box is placed onto ADAM NBL 1600g scales to verify the presence of all the components by weight. A Zebra barcode scanner reads the barcode on the box which is logged onto the system before being unloaded.