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High-performance gearbox dress and leak test cell

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High-performance gearbox dress and leak test cell

QM Systems were tasked to provide a Tier 1 Automotive client with a bespoke solution to dress and leak test a high-performance gearbox.

We designed and manufactured a semi-automated cell to integrate with their production line. Gearboxes are loaded into the turnover fixture with a crane and clamped in place. A serial number is scanned and then logged by the Siemens PLC. Then, the motorised fixture rotates through 90° to allow access to the underside of the gearbox for dressing.

The gearbox is then rotated back to its original position and HV cable ends are sealed before the leak test is undertaken. A Furness Controls Limited Leak Tester pressurises the 8-litre cavity to 500mBar whilst monitoring pressure decay. Once complete, the results are recorded and an OK/NOK signal is communicated over PROFINET to their EQS control system. A Zebra X420t printer prints a pass or fail label to be attached to the gearbox.

If a gearbox were to fail, it could not be processed further until the failure was addressed and, or, re-worked. When complete, each gearbox has a full working history and has stored test criteria which can be recalled at any time if parts are returned by the end-user. This provides their customer with full traceability for every unit, which ensures peace of mind, knowing that all returned parts can be verified.

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