QM Systems Manufacturing

Plumbing Automated Test Equipment

A market leading plumbing company approached QM Systems with a requirement for an Automated Test Equipment to undertake a series of pressure and flow tests, electronic functionality test as well as programming of a new range of tap and shower products. The test equipment accommodates four different variants within one of two test chambers (tap test chamber and shower test chamber). These tests include checking the tap and shower units’ electronic system can mix hot and cold water to a blended temperature, and calibration and testing of the sensors incorporated into the products.

The test process uses a NI (National Instruments) software control system which provides an operator Interface for automated operation of the rig and configuration of each step of the testing. The tap test chamber includes fully adjustable testing fixtures that can alter height depending on the variant being tested, and the shower chamber has a fixture specific to both different variants. Below the chambers, a control cabinet contains the SMC pneumatic equipment for the test process. All flow measurements carried out during the process are supplied by Furness Controls Limited.

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