QM Systems Manufacturing

PVC Assembly Line Update

The construction of the PVC assembly line for our world respected plumbing client continues as we install two Alphamation Ltd vibratory bowl feeders to the system. These bowl feeds will operate in tandem to supply two Yaskawa Motoman robots. One with 6 variants of body, and another providing nuts to connect together.

The Nuts will be orientated inside the bowl feeder with a vision check confirmation, and indexed into an escapement for collection. The Bodies are operator loaded into a hopper, capable of holding a capacity of 400 parts. They are dropped into the bowl feeder using an inclined conveyor, and will be directed via a vibratory escapement.

The escapement will position the parts onto the picking conveyor in an evenly distributed format. At this point the KEYENCE CORPORATION vision system will identify to the robot the identity of the variant.

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