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QM Systems G1 Gimbalators ready to start production

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QM Systems G1 Gimbalators ready to start production

As a bespoke automation provider, the vast majority of our systems are one off.
However, we do offer several “products” – one of those is the G1 Gimbalator.

As pictured below, we have just completed 24 Gimbalators to form part of a production line.

They are a manually operated manipulation fixture, allowing an operator to manipulate
products weighing up to 100kg for inspection, dressing or assembly.
A pneumatic brake clamps the product in a desired position for work to be undertaken.

As pictured they are in a floor mounted standalone guise, but are also available mounted
to a floor based moving track, on a head to working height fixed or track system, as used on our Q-MAC systems.

More information can be found on our G1 Gimbalator on our website here.

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