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Qm Systems test cell showcase

This week we are looking back at all of the Test systems we have manufactured in the last few years at QM Systems, for many different industries. In some cases, we have incorporated test functionality into a cell, in other cases the whole cell is a standalone test Cell. Example test systems are: contact sensors to probe depths of surfaces, laser profile sensors, electrical testing, systems for pressure leakage, part and feature Presence and full Vision systems to inspect and check for quality defects.
We have great relationships with key suppliers of these components and combined with our decades of automation experience, we have always found a suitable solution for our customers. In some instances, the integration into our PLC code of a sensor is all that required. For more complex applications we have required multiple Industrial PCs to control the test systems.
These systems can be used to assemble parts and then test and laser mark to ensure conformity and traceability. The advantages of reducing human error in a manufacturing process can reduce the risk of costly rework much further down the production line. We can add rules-based logic to a production cell to reject products for a quality fail, and we can go onto stop the machine if 3 consecutive parts are identified for example.
With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence, 2D and 3D vision systems can become self-learning and require only initial programming about the features to test on an item. For example a different and new variation of a product can be tested without teaching, for the same visual fault that the system has previously been taught.
An example is checking that an operator has assembled two components together correctly, which we check for with a presence sensor, only once the sense check is a pass, do we then provide a signal to laser mark a unique date and reference on the part, and log the entry in our code for production data validation, in the event of an end user needing to investigate a faulty batch.
Example industries include: Automotive, Medical, Building products, Food industry, Marine and Renewable Energies, Rail and Aerospace and Defence.

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Qm Systems test cell showcaseCognexvision quality test

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