QM Systems Manufacturing

Assembly Cell With Staubli Robot

As another of our assembly systems continues to progress in its development at the QM Systems factory, we would like to express how much we value the working relationships we have gained with all of our suppliers. The integration of their equipment plays a major role in making our bespoke automated systems the market leaders that they are.

The system highlighted below utilises a collection of STÄUBLI robots, particularly the TX2-60 6-axis robot and TS2-40 4-axis SCARA. Both robots have been fitted with a universal vacuum picking head to allow them to pick multiple components from infeed magazines and place them into dual fixturing. The system utilises a Siemens PLC and HMI operator Interface.

This is yet another example of the premium brands that we use on our systems. Often times clients have particular companies whose products they wish to include into their systems. Therefore, by forming positive working relationships with some of the worlds most recognised and respected businesses, we have been able to assist our customers by combining hardware, software, networking and storage products from multiple vendors. We have cast our net wide when it comes to building these relationships, meaning that no matter what specifications are required in any industry, we will be able to provide the ideal solution for you.

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