QM Systems Manufacturing

QM CAA (Computer Aided Assembly System)

Showcased front and centre of our new Hartlebury facility, stands a demo of QM CAA. The innovative, cutting edge MES System developed in house by our dedicated electrical design team.

QM CAA (Computer Aided Assembly System) has been hand-crafted and refined over the years. Transforming it into the most versatile and flexible solution of its kind you can find today. We do not subscribe to the archetypal approach the rest of the industry carries out, selling a standard system straight off the shelf where certain aspects don’t fit what you require. We use our speciality of creating bespoke solutions to design a system that is completely tailored to your specifications, providing you with 100% functionality.

This system can visually guide operators through assembly and test procedures, using tooling and sensing to confirm functions and processes. Here we show an example that uses barcode scanning, pick-to-light, part-in-place fixturing, wireless/corded DC tooling and vision testing to complete a throttle body assembly. Our flexibility of our design means it can be easily scaled to whatever you require. That being a simple stand-alone cell, to a factory wide network. Or even across your entire business spanning multiple locations.

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