QM Systems Manufacturing

Fastener Assembly Machine

Another assembly machine at QM Systems.

This bespoke assembly machine assembles a fastener at high-speed consisting of a bracket, PEM nut and a M5 grub screw. A @Destaco rotary table is used to transport the parts through the various assembly stations. A PEM nut is pressed into the bracket using an air over oil press system supporting C-clamp, pressing to a force of 1.75kN.

A Visumatic Industrial Products bowl feed with vacuum auto insertion is used to feed the M5 grub screw to position before the ASG Technologies DC tool with torque and angle will drive the screw into the bracket at the correct depth. The automatic unload system uses a series of SMC electric actuators to collect the part and place them into a good part chute with a part counting facility.

A second position is for rejection parts if they have failed on any previous processes. KEYENCE CORPORATION photo electric sensors are used to ensure the components have been placed into the nest and are in the correct orientation.

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