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Latest Update On Our Bespoke SPAC Nut Press

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Bespoke SPAC Nut Press

Featured in this video we have a bespoke QM Systems SPAC Nut press. Show is an operator processing an aluminium casting by loading SPAC Nuts onto magnetic tool posts – 1 M6 nut on either outer post and 2 M10 nuts onto the centre posts. Next, the part is placed in the centre carriage plate and the guard is closed via a 2-hand push start. The machine will then cycle, moving the part left via linear actuation, placing the part under the hydraulic cylinder.

A pneumatic cylinder then clamps the part in place and a sprung loaded pin on the head performs a Poka-yoke check. Once verified the part is good, a 8T hydraulic cylinder will actuate, pressing the SPAC Nut into place, the head will then return and the clamp is released. Next, the part is sent to the right cylinder (8T) and middle cylinder (24T) following the same process. Once complete the part is kicked out of the carriage fixture and guard will automatically open for part removal.

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