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Robot Handling Application

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Vision-Guided Robot

Another project complete here at QM Systems. After a successful FAT, the cell has been shipped out to our customer for final install and commissioning with the dedicated QM install and commissioning team.

The system is an automatic robotic torque setting cell, that uses a high accuracy Keyence vision system to identify individual datum reference points across a pallet of components. Once each individual component (driven by the robot) has recorded an image, an algorithm in the PLC can tighten or loosen the cylinder to a preset torque dependant on its variable starting point and variant of component.

The system uses a Yaskawa Europe GP50 6 axis robot with a Wittenstein Group Servo capable of up to 50 Nm. QM Systems used a floor mounted pallet interlock system to datum the pallet as well as manufacturing a unique pallet using a variety of specially selected materials.

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