LED Truck Lamp Assembly

An automatic rotary assembly machine successfully commissioned and integrated onto our customers’ site. A system to automatically assemble LED lamps for commercial trucks on an eight-station Camco rotary index table system. An operator loads a housing, reflector together with a PCB and a clip into individual nests. Once the components are loaded they are poke yoked checked by Keyence sensors. The rotary table will index through the eight stations; the PCB is secured into the housing using HTE Pulse Staking equipment, a Henkel UV adhesive dispensing and curing secures the connections. A six-axis Nachi robot is used to interact with the machine to unload a component off the rotary table and re-load with an over moulded component. A Furness Control leak tester pressurises the lamp to 300mBar whilst monitoring pressure decay and an electrical test is undertaken using a custom-designed circuit. Finally, the lamp is laser marked using a Keyence Laser marking system before being unloaded and packaged.